A dietitian at heart

What can I say? I’m a dietitian at heart. But I’m human, too. I love crisp salads, great grains, low-fat yogurt... chocolate mousse, a slice of pizza and even a glass of fine wine. For most healthy individuals, indulging from time to time is just what the dietitian ordered. Well, this dietitian, anyhow. The secret is moderation.

I got hooked on dietetics in university. Today I’m doing what I’ve always dreamed of. Helping others like you nourish, flourish and energize.

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Food Fight

Referee Madeleine compares foods’ nutritional values. Let the games begin and may the healthiest food win!

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Restaurant Survival

Lunch at the food court again? Madeleine shows you how to make healthier choices at each kiosk.

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Recipe Makeover

With a few simple changes, you can take the health worries out of favourite recipes. Madeleine knows how.

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Shelf Space

A closer look at the food on the grocery shelf. Get shopping tips plus updated info on good deals on healthy foods in the GTA.

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My Blog: Nutrition by M.E.

  • Dairy Free Cornbread Recipe

    As I’ve mentioned before, food photography is not really my thing. However, I do like it when people post pictures of the food they’ve made without all the fancy lighting and styling. This is reality! I LOVE this recipe that I found on the Whole Foods website (link here). We don’t eat dairy in [...]
  • My weekly veggie buys

    People always ask me what I eat so here’s a picture of the vegetables I buy almost every week. The picture is missing carrots because I already have some in the fridge. I buy most of my produce at Sweet Potato, which is a small organic grocery store on the west side of Toronto. They [...]
  • VIDEO Life lesson: try different foods

    Not everyone around the globe eats toast for breakfast. It’s important to learn and be exposed to this fact even if it’s not your thing. I spent 10 months traveling in 2008 and guess what, I learned to eat noodle soup for breakfast EVERY.DAY.AND.LOVED.IT. Check it this awesome video┬áhere.
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